LMK 382 stainless steel-submersible probe

The LMK 382 is the ideal submersible probe for many applications in wastewater technology. With the stainless steel housing and the highly overloadable ceramic measuring cell, it is the robust device for level and gauge measurements in wastewater as well as polluted and highly viscous media. On request, waterprocesstec GmbH can supply you not only with the submersible probe, but also with the complete equipped measuring point with stainless steel tube to accommodate the submersible probe, wall bracket, terminal housing, transmitter power supply unit, field display, etc.

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MDW 500 flow measurement

The magnetic inductive measuring process is ideal for use in the water/wastewater sector and other numerous applications in industry. The waterprocesstec MIDs MDW 500 convince with their modular design, compact construction and ease of use. On request, waterprocesstec GmbH can supply you not only with the flow meter, but also with the complete equipped measuring point with counter flanges, wall brackets, transmitter power supply units and other decentralized meters. With our "all-round carefree package" you will also receive the installation on site as well as the commissioning and instruction on the measuring system.

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PPR 500 Paperless Reader

The PPR 500 is a paperless recorder/data logger for industrial applications. The innovative modular slot system makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications. With up to 24 analog inputs on board (universal inputs for all standardized signals of measurement and control technology) it can perform extensive data logging. With interfaces such as Ethernet, etc., the PPR 500 can be easily integrated into your network structure. The data are stored FDA compliant and can be transferred to different storage media. The parameterization and evaluation software is included in the scope of delivery.

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UMU 500 measuring transducers

TThe UMU 500 from waterprocesstec is the ideal transmitter power supply unit and transmitter/ limit value transmitter for the operation of 2-wire devices such as submersible probes etc. With a strong sensor supply of 24VDC/50mA it is able to safely supply even long cable runs. Both inputs and outputs and the power supply are galvanically isolated from each other. The UMU 500 for a safe measuring point...

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